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Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Chas Everitt is proud to be the technology leader in South African Real Estate. Our market leading Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) system takes the guesswork out of valuing your property. This service is provided free to all Sellers, and will result in your home being expertly evaluated against similar homes in your area. When selling, always insist on a written CMA being presented to you and ask your agent to explain the rationale behind their CMA evaluation.

Marketing Agreement

When we market your home under our exclusive Sole Mandate, we will provide you with our written Marketing Agreement. This details what we at Chas Everitt will do for you to ensure that your home is correctly marketed and that it is sold in the shortest possible time, at the best price, and with the least hassle. When appointing an agent always insist on a written marketing agreement and make sure that you can cancel the Marketing Agreement if your agent fails to perform in accordance with their undertaking. Go one step further and ask your agent to provide you with a personal Written Marketing Plan for your home.

Open Mandate

An Open Mandate is one that is granted by a Seller to more than one Real Estate Agency. With an Open Mandate each agent does not know which agency will be lucky enough to sell the property and therefore will often not commit much funding or effort to market your home. As many agents are competing to sell your home they may not always act in your best interest in ensuring the best price and as the different agencies could also be showing the same properties to the same buyers, there is the possibility that a seller, could be held liable for a double commission claim if another agent can prove that they may have been the effective cause of the sale. Many owners think that the more agents they give their property to, the quicker it will be sold. Unfortunately this is a fallacy, particularly so in a second home market like Plettenberg Bay where homes have to be MARKETED to be sold! Many homes that are sold are still eventually sold on open mandate and this is due to sellers not having the confidence to grant a sole mandate to their agent, usually due to a poor and unprofessional service in the past and the agent has not added value to the customer sole mandate experience.

Sole Mandate

Where a Seller grants a Sole Mandate your agent knows he /she will be financially rewarded for marketing the home. An agent's commitment is firstly to their Sole Mandate clients. A written Marketing Agreement is provided, and a written Marketing Plan, allocating the necessary resources to professionally market the home is agreed to. Sole mandated properties normally sell for higher prices. The Estate Agency Affairs Board recommends that Sellers should grant sole mandates depending upon market conditions, your Sole Mandated Agent will invite other selected agents to participate in marketing your property. We recommend that you select several agents to make presentations before choosing your agent. Sellers are sometimes convinced that they should grant a Sole Mandate to several Agents who work together to market the property. However, this is the basically the same as granting an open mandate! If 5 Agents can sell a property faster, then surely 20 agents should achieve even better results? Unfortunately, the days of agents selling property is past. It is the agent who professionally evaluates & markets your property that now brings results.

Chas Bear & Home Maintenance Plan

We don't forget the little one's! Every Sole Mandate Seller & Buyer receives a Chas Bear for the Kids, plus, the Buyer receives our exclusive Free Home Maintenance Plan to the value of R9000 which provides cover for the cost of repair (parts & labour) to certain fixtures and fittings in your home in the event of mechanical or electrical breakdown. A Buyer with this product obtains peace of mind. Which home would you choose?

Mortgage Finance

Our alliance with BetterBond, South Africa's largest mortgage bond originator ensures that we are able to provide you with the very best finance options. Simply "Click" on the BetterBond logo to find a host of information on purchasing your dream home.

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