Buying Tips and Articles

Your Bond Registration Process
Let us help you in understanding who the parties involved are, and the steps required to register a bond.

Five Ways You Can Make Your Home Buying Easier
Buying a home does not need to be a painful process, let us help make you home buying experience as smoothly as possible.

Your Documentation
It's not that bad, get your documentation in order early and the house is yours.

The Estate Agent
Estate Agents make it their business to provide every service connected with your search for a home - from expert advice in the early stages, to careful monitoring of your settlement.

Are you looking at buying a home?

Buying a home is exciting, but can also be a time of anxiety and apprehension. Whether you are buying a home for the first time or thinking about a second home, you're bound to have some buying related questions. Our aim is to improve your buying experience by giving you an understanding of all your options available to you.

Buyer Information

Buying a home is one of life's greatest and most rewarding tasks, it is important that you understand the options available to you, as well as the entire process and what is involved.

Even if you've done it before, It is always a good idea to plan ahead and make your moving experience easier. In this section you will find information to assist you in this regard. The topics range from organising your move, to the impact of capital gains tax and the legal processes.

First time home owner

If you are a first time home buyer, then your most important requirement is to take into account the hidden costs involved in the purchase of a property, which include amongst others, transfer costs and the bond registration costs. Most lenders offer a product tailored specifically for the first time homebuyer. This means you can borrow more than 100% of the property value and can include costs like a deposit, transfer fees and bond registration costs in your loan, making it easier for you to own your first home.

The specific advantages to the first time homebuyer are:

  • No deposit is required
  • The borrower need not have cash to pay for transfer and bond registration costs incurred in purchasing the property.

General Qualifying Criteria usually apply to borrowers seeking these products:

  • first time homebuyers
  • single or joint income must be R6,000-00 or more a month. Your monthly repayments also cannot exceed 25% of your gross monthly income
  • loan amounts between R100,000-00 and R300,000-00
  • customers must have a clean credit record
  • stable employment record (that is, at least two years in permanent full time employment); and
  • you need to be 35 years old or younger
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